The Dollar Menu

By Mark Inboden

Almost everyone has heard the axiom, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I used to think it was just about eating an apple, but as I contemplated this more, I came away with a different take. I think it means doing the right thing time and again leads to long-term health and success.  

Think about it...not everyone has access to an “apple" each day to keep healthy. But there is a decision that is made on what type of “fuel” you will put into your body to burn. A steady diet of unprocessed, basic foods yields a much better result than a steady diet of fast food and sweets. Both give you energy, but the “fast food” route will take a toll on you long-term. Fast food often cuts “necessary corners” (good nutrients are replaced with chemicals and preservatives) to get food to you quickly. These corners are often the necessary nutrition that is needed.  

The same goes for your work. A steady routine and commitment to deliver the best product to your customer keeps your career and the business you work for healthy. Cutting corners to get something done usually yields inferior work and upset customers. Each day one needs to decide if they are putting the best fuel, in this instance, “brainpower,” to work to yield the best result. Don’t succumb to the “dollar menu” while you are at work. Keep yourself and your business healthy for the long haul.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC. 

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