How many sixty year olds do you know that are learning new tricks?

By Mark Inboden

Sixty years ago, UCEC was founded on the simple idea that we could build quality control panels at a fair price. Since then, we’ve built beautiful panels for just about every market and industry, gaining broader and deeper expertise with each custom project. And while we’ve been making control panels for more than half a century, we haven’t been stagnant in our approach. We’ve added new technology and innovated new efficiencies benefiting our employees, the environment and our clients.
New Technology is a core value at our company, so we are practiced in looking to the future and planning for ways we can usher it in. We constantly renew this commitment, by seeking out best practices and the most advanced technologies on behalf of our customers and industry partners. In a recent blog post, I mentioned my belief that industrial panel building will evolve faster in the next five years than it ever has before. I also mentioned UCEC was positioned now, more than ever, to incorporate these advances. This has led us to launch a new division leveraging our legacy to advise on opportunities for implementing smart solutions within industrial, city and the IoT landscape.

Introducing UCEC Smart


What is smart? Smart is about capturing data and converting it into actionable and intelligent decisions. It’s a way to run your business more efficiently, operate your city more safely and create a smarter, more connected world.
We launched our new division a few weeks ago at the Hannover Messe, the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology. While there, we got to interact with automation pioneers who are already working to create a more connected world. We’re excited to be expanding our business to collaborate with these innovative thinkers.
The growing ecosystem of smart, connected devices is transforming the way we live and work. UCEC Smart provides solutions for this new age of functionality by helping businesses and individuals navigate how to make their projects more intuitive and interconnected than ever before.  We’re still building custom control panels and we look forward to serving your control panel needs for many years to come.

Visit us at to meet our new division and discover the smart opportunities that await your business today.