Industry News and Notes: Oil and Gas Automation

By Evan Coulter

We like to keep up with developments in the various industries we serve here at UCEC. As you know, we create custom electrical control panels for industries such as Beverage, Food, Household, Industrial (Machine and Automation), Life Sciences, Mining and Minerals, Oil and Gas, Packaging, Power Generation and Water/Wastewater.

A recent story on about automation in the Oil and Gas industry caught our eye. In a report from the Siemens Oil & Gas Innovations Conference earlier this month in Houston, TX, one exciting point was the need for increased automation at the oil field level to make the booming industry more efficient.

Here’s a snippet of the story:

“The oil and gas industries have some unique environmental requirements that new automation products achieve. The advances in automation and communications technology make this possible today. The automation requirements can easily be met with industrial automation hardware, software, and sensors. Remote communications is required because the rigs and units are all remote.”

Read more about the conference findings at

At UCEC, we understand this need for automation, and we’re prepared to partner with Oil and Gas companies to meet their automation requirements. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your next control panel project. We’d love to hear how we can help.

Evan is Vice President of Operations at UCEC.