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Editor's note: Today kicks off our two-week series, "Behind the Craftsmanship of an Industrial Control Panel." You'll hear from various UCEC leaders about the departments that work together to create UCEC's high-quality panels. 

By Mark Inboden

Recently I was asked about the UCEC philosophy on quoting projects. The questioner asked what we do to “cut corners” in a competitive bidding world. My simple answer is “We don’t cut corners, and we will not sacrifice quality for price." 

I would rather lose those types of bidding wars. First, I would wager that the customer will be sifting through multiple change orders once the project gets underway if they just go with the lowest bid. Second, I would bet that the quote evaluations are not an “apples-to-apples” process.

Mark Inboden

Mark Inboden

When we quote a project, we often quote it per the customer's Bill of Materials (BOM) as stated in their requirements document. Additionally, if we feel that the project drawings are incomplete in any way, we add another line item indicating an amount for additional parts to make the panel operational. Our talented team who works on the quotes takes the time to go through all aspects of the parts and prints, and quotes the project to ensure that it is complete. Any change orders are initiated by the customers, not UCEC.

UCEC wants its customers to get the best product for the best value with the highest quality of craftmanship. I think that sums up our quoting philosophy!  

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC. 

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