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UCEC Smart helps businesses of all sizes deploy smart technology to be more efficient, productive and profitable. Today, we’re sharing a recap on the latest smart news from our newest division.

How to Make Your Business Future Ready

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You don’t get to be a company with more than a half century legacy without being prepared for what’s coming next. In fact, it’s our ability to predict what’s coming next that has made us a leader in providing quality custom control solutions across industries for more than 60 years. In this UCEC Smart blog, we’re sharing our best practices for preparing your business for the future and the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Four IoT Areas that will See the Most Change this Year

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The world of smart devices is growing every day, in every industry. At the start of the year, UCEC Smart reviewed the four things that are going to grow our capabilities for interconnection, intuitive processes, greater efficiencies and predictive systems the most in the coming year.

Learn more about these emerging and evolving technologies and how you can leverage them in your business.

How SMB Manufacturers Can Embrace IoT Without Breaking the Bank

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UCEC Smart breaks down how small to medium sized businesses (SMB) can get in on digital transformation. If you’re an SMB, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the resources required to deploy large-scale IoT operations on your shop floor and an increasing anxiety over not being left behind in this dawning digital age. However, SMBs should take heart– despite spend at the enterprise level, most IIoT solutions are still looking for a problem to solve. UCEC Smart offers small to medium sized manufacturers the opportunity to deploy new technology that tackles known challenges for low-cost, high-impact solutions.

Smart Tech’s Impact on the Workforce

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Technological advances have been impacting the workforce since Guttenberg disrupted the publishing industry of the 1400s with his printing press. With each new technological deployment, new efficiencies are discovered and an industry is disrupted. Such was the story with publishing and Guttenberg, textiles in the 1800s, and bank tellers in the 1990s. The advent of Industry 4.0 is the latest disruption in a long cycle of new technology transforming the way we get things done. Read on for more information about upskilling your workforce to keep up with the coming digital transformation.

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