2018 Year in Review

2018 was a momentous year for UCEC. In October, we commemorated a huge milestone, one that many companies don’t often see. UCEC celebrated 60 years in business. Sixty years as a premier panel fabricator for a number of different industries is no small feat. While our craftsmanship and technology have evolved, the values our company was founded on have not. Our dedication to customer experience and producing quality custom control panels continue to be our guiding principles.


Evolving with changing technology has always been part of our relentless commitment to our customers. However, UCEC doesn’t aim to simply keep pace with technological advances; to truly serve our customers, we have to lead technological advancement in industrial automation. This desire to make automation more intuitive and accessible for our clients, lead to the launch of our new division UCEC Smart. We’ve set the standard for quality control panels in our first 60 years of business, now we’re going to redefine it.

Hannover Messe

Early in 2018, President Mark Inboden and Operations Executive Garrod Massey traveled to Germany to attend the Hannover Messe Technology Fair, the leading global trade fair for technology. Leading developers of technology come together in Hannover Germany for five days to showcase new developments, and exhibit their products for marketability. This trip was an amazing opportunity for members of our team to see upcoming technological advances, make  industry connections, and preview the capabilities of our new division.

UCEC has made changes within our organization to promote upward mobility and transparency within our teams as well. Our shop has implemented a strategy to cross-train our craftsmen in panel assembly and wiring. This not only relieves pressure when one team is overburdened, but also allows our team members to improve their skill set, increasing their potential for growth. Evolving the nature of work, seeking ways to upskill our employees and striving for closer internal collaboration are all part of the coming Industry 4.0 transformation.

This desire to create greater transparency for our teams and our customers, also spurred the decision to adopt a new operating system. We are still in the process of deploying the system in all areas, but we are already seeing great improvements in tracking projects from start to finish. Our new OS has allowed us to track opportunities from the original contact with the customer, until the project has been delivered on site at our customer’s facility. With a more accurate snapshot of each aspect of our business, we can give our customers the most accurate information about the status of their project. Eventually customers will have the ability to log into a customer portal and track the progress of their project, at each stage. Improving our processes to be more transparent within our teams, gives everyone who touches a panel the same information at their fingertips, and allows us to deliver custom control panels to our customers in a more efficient and effective way.  

2018 was marked by the same legacy we’ve crafted over our previous 60 years in operation: excellence and innovation. Subscribe to our blog and visit us at UCECSmart.com to stay up to date on all the latest innovations and automations we’re bringing to the control industry.  

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