Can Your Panel Shop Do This?

If you're in the market for a shop to build your custom electrical control panels, you probably have a few questions. We've put together a quick list to help in your decision making. 

Can Your Panel Shop....

Handcraft Your Panels with Expert Skills? 


Meticulous. It's a word that's often used at UCEC when we talk about assembling, wiring and testing our customers' electrical control panels. 

We work in all industries including Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Industrial Automation, Packaging, Life Sciences and Mining Industries. 

Not only are we building panels, we’re also building relationships and customer experiences," says Operations Support Manager Garrod Massey. "We’re more like a family business in that regard. Everyone encourages everyone else. The team we’ve built is really good. We have a lot of people who enjoy working together and who want to stay here for the long term."

We build our panels to the proper safety standards, even if the client doesn’t request a specific UL listing. No matter whether we list the panel or not, we still build to the particular UL listing standard. We use our code books every day. We never take safety shortcuts.

Take Great Care of You and Your Project?

We like to exceed our customers' expectations. Our customer service is excellent, and we take pride in making sure our projects are on time, on budget and delivered with extreme care. 

"Often, new customers can’t believe that we went above and beyond to keep a project on schedule," says Operations Support Manager Paula Zangari. "But that’s just what we do. Our repeat customers know this. Many have been working with us for decades."

Invite You in to See Your Panels?

Want to visit your panel project? Come on over. We employ an "open door" policy here at UCEC. We want our customers to feel free to visit their projects, ask questions and just check in if they need to. 

Innovate Using New Technology?

Our employees are innovators day in and day out. Recently, one of our clients brought us a type of panel to build that we couldn’t resist. It was an RFID-enabled panel that was designed to control some powerful machines in the client’s machine shop. These machines are powerful, so for safety reasons, if you don’t have the proper RFID credentials, you can’t turn on the machine. The technology allows for a log of who used the machine; length of time; and other important safety data.

Read the Case Study Here

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