Shipping Out: Beverage Plant Edition

Another project leaves the UCEC shop this week. This electrical control panel project is headed to a beverage plant in Florida.

Did you know that UCEC takes special care to pack and ship our panels? "Shipping is something that can take a good chunk of time to get just right," says Paula Zangari, Project Coordinator.  "When a job begins, I typically look over the purchase order to see if there are any special requirements for shipping. For instance, some customers require 48 hours notice before we load their panels up on trucks. I’ll also check to see if the customer has requested a certain carrier or a specific way of shipping."

Paula manages the rest of the shipping process with details such as photos, contacting shipping carriers, the bill of lading, site contacts and custom crates.

Shipping is a delicate balancing act, but I love solving problems. Often, I can find small details that aren’t quite right. This problem solving keeps me on my toes and makes every day a little different.
— Paula Zangari, Project Coordinator

When shipping internationally, we use high-quality vendors such as Crating Technologies. International shipping requires that crates are stamped with “HT” which means the wood used to build them was heat treated to kill any insects. The “HT” stamp certification must be backed up with a third party, so each month, an independent firm verifies Crating Technologies’ lumber is in compliance with international shipping standards.

Crating Technologies pre-builds their panels at their shop and then brings the pieces over to UCEC. Then, they get to work, build the crates around our projects and then close them up with a pneumatic nail gun. (Most crates are disposed of once they arrive at the client site.)

All of this work takes time and attention, but it's worth it! We don't consider the job done until our handcrafted panels arrive safely at their destination. 

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