Have You Visited UCEC Lately?

If you are a UCEC customer, you probably know about UCEC's "open door" policy. It's the real deal. We absolutely want our customers to visit their electrical control panel projects whenever they wish. Feel free to stop by with little fanfare. The shop door is always open! 

If you're too far away to visit, here's a quick virtual tour of the UCEC shop. 

Since coming to UCEC, I’ve noticed that this shop forms deep relationships with customers. We have our ‘open door’ policy where our customers know they can show up and check out the progress of their panels.
— John Beattie, Operations Manager for Production

Giving shop tours to potential customers is fun. We had a new customer come in the other day that found us on the Internet. They did their homework and came to check us out. They were really impressed with the quality and diversity of what we do. We’re not just tied to one product. They left, confident in what UCEC can do.
— Evan Coulter, VP of Business Operations

Everyone at every level interacts with our end customer. We do not have a bureaucratic chain of command to get things done. When an employee has a question, they call the customer directly. We do not go through several channels to ask a question. We trust people to do their jobs, and they know they can rely on their management team if needed. If our customers call in, and their main contact is gone, there are several other people that can help.
— Mark Inboden, President and CEO


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