3 Ways We Strive for Customer Delight

It's no secret that we are working hard to give our customers world-class service. We're quite open about the fact that our business thrives when we serve our valuable customers. It's what we do! And it's our delight to take care of our customers' panel projects today and hopefully far into the future. 

Here are three ways UCEC strives to be the best panel shop our customers have ever worked with. 

1. We Have an Open Door Policy

Want to visit your panel project? Come on over. We employ an "open door" policy here at UCEC. We want our customers to feel free to visit their projects, ask questions and just check in if they need to. 

An emphasis on good customer service is easy to claim, but we’re an example of a company that actually means it: we exist to serve our customers. Paula Zangari, an Operations Support Manager, wears a few different hats at UCEC but they all point straight to our clients.

“Customer service is simply a part of our company,” Paula says. “We are passionate about what we create at UCEC.”  

2. We're Happy to Say "Let Me Check"

This story comes to us from our President and CEO, Mark Inboden, about a trip to a golf course in Oregon and the high-quality customer service he experienced. 

We came in for lunch between rounds and happened to be waited on by the same waitress who served us our breakfast. Gerry, one of the members of our group, asked if he could have a smoothie, just like he had at breakfast, even though it was not on the menu. Without missing a beat, the waitress said “Let me check." She came back moments later and said that they could make a smoothie for him. He was delighted, and in fact, two more of our party ordered the same.

Why is this great customer service? First, her initial reaction was not to say “No." She gave herself an out if they couldn’t do it by saying “let me check,” and gave her customer an answer that was more than acceptable. Second, she wanted to be helpful. She went to the kitchen staff, asked for something that was considered an “exception” (not on the menu) and advocated on behalf of her customer. Finally, everyone was happy with the outcome. We not only enjoyed smoothies, but experienced great customer service, and she was rewarded with a more than generous tip!

At UCEC, we also believe our employees are our greatest asset. Each team member excels at being welcoming to our customers. Our goal is to have a “let me check” answer on any customer request, and only say no if it is the last option we have, such as a safety issue. 

3. We're Working to Exceed Your Expectations

“UCEC Built” also means the panel is shipping out better than our customers expected. That’s UCEC: we want to exceed expectations.

We all know that sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Maybe the customer suddenly put a stop on the project for reasons that we can’t control. When that happens, we back up, assess the situation and offer any help we can.

Often, new customers can’t believe that we went above and beyond to keep a project on schedule. But that’s just what we do. Our repeat customers know this: many have been working with us for decades. We're working hard to deliver a better project than you ever dreamed. 


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