Happy to Lend a Hand

Our shop testing area is always ready for our customers!  Photos by Evan Coulter

Our shop testing area is always ready for our customers! Photos by Evan Coulter

Last week, we had two customer teams in the shop, both here for different reasons. The first team was a long-time customer who was interested in training their new engineers about panel building. For some of these newer staff engineers and interns, this might be one of the first times they have viewed a panel up close and in person. It’s a great learning experience for them: here’s the panel you designed, and now you can push the buttons and be completely hands on with it. That’s invaluable.

At UCEC, we love this type of shop visit. Any time we can bring new engineers together with our talented craftsmen, everyone wins. The new engineers learn about the art of panel building and how designs on paper might need to be tweaked once the panel is being constructed. And our staff gets to ask questions directly to the new engineer about the panel he or she designed.

The other group that was in the shop was a newer customer. This is our second panel project together. The work we’re doing with them is very interesting. They design communication systems for power plants. We don’t see a lot of that type of work; and they aren’t used to designing control panels. So both teams (UCEC and the customer) are bringing their skills to the table to figure out how to bring everything together in one package that gets the job done well.

We’re always willing to lend a hand to our customers. Sometimes, it’s sitting down to bring everyone’s skills to the table to figure out a problem. Other occasions, we hop on red-eye flight or grab our passports to help out a customer. It’s what we do at UCEC.

We never charge for customers to come to the shop and test their panels. Whether you want a few hours or a few weeks, we’re happy to give you all the time you need.

At UCEC, we truly believe if the customer is not successful, then we are not successful. We have a vested interest in your project going well for you. We hope to see you around the shop soon. Our door is always open!

Evan is Vice President of Business Operations at UCEC.


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