Making It Official: Quality Control

Recently, we’ve added a new position on the Fabrication side of the shop: Morgan Burris will handle Quality Control.

Employee Spotlight: More about Morgan Burris.

Zach Fothergill

Zach Fothergill

After our panels are assembled, Morgan will verify that they’ve been built from the latest print. Morgan has been with UCEC since 2011, so he’s really picked up all of the various aspects of panel assembly. Basically, Morgan will make sure we’ve built everything correctly before the panel heads to Wiring.

It’s gratifying to see Morgan step into this role. I’ve trained him, and now he can train the new guys when he sees something that needs attention.

The UCEC shop is really busy, and that’s one of the reasons we need Morgan in this role. I have to manage processes and scheduling; it’s tough to do Quality Control in addition to my other duties and still keep everything on track. I think this is a great problem to have, and Morgan is a great solution. He joins Ron Siauw, who has a similar role over on the Wiring side.

Every project needs a starter and a finisher. Morgan is a great finisher. He pays attention to the fine details. He knows about the panels we’ve built before and can remember how certain customers specify their panels. We keep detailed records about client preferences, of course, but there’s value in one employee quickly remembering the historical customer record.

At UCEC, we care about the quality of our projects, and we care about the customer. With this new Quality Control position, we take our customer dedication to the next level through careful attention to detail and increased employee QC training.

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