The Other Side of the Fence

The shop is busy these days, which is pretty normal. We’re working with long-time customers, first-time customers and everything inbetween. The word is out: UCEC makes great panels at a fair price.

I think it’s natural to price shop or comparison shop for certain features. It’s human nature to want to look around. It’s just business. But I’d like to think that our customers have rightly figured out that when they bring their panel business to us, we take care of them, deliver their panel projects on time and produce a high-quality, hand-crafted panel. It’s what we do.

Here’s what I think we’re doing right at UCEC:

We have the ability to produce a large amount of panels. We have the production space to take on large jobs.

UCEC has experience in different industries. The Oil and Gas industry does things differently than the Beverage industry. Because we have such a varied slate of customers, we often can bring that experience to the table and suggest new or different ways of doing things.

UCEC staffs for the future. We try to be ready with talented craftsmen for the job that’s on the way, rather than reacting. 

Project management matters at UCEC. Our management team talks multiple times per day. We’re a connected team, always evaluating what’s happening with parts orders, staff schedules, customer needs and more.

Our shop is set up differently than most. We have a mechanical side and a wiring side. We believe that if a craftsman is naturally more skilled on one side or the other, having that person work to their strengths makes the entire shop more efficient.

Our buying power allows us to get ordering priority and other perks that allow us to keep moving forward on panel building.

With all of these attributes, plus others I haven’t mentioned, UCEC can operate with a quiet confidence. We’re confident that our panels are beautifully crafted and offered at a fair price. Try us out; we look forward to meeting you.

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