Taking the High Road from Point A to Point B

By Garrod Massey

There’s generally more than one way to get where you need to be. There are usually shortcuts or more scenic routes. Depending on how fast we need to get where we’re going, we might choose a different route on a different day.

With wiring duct, there are a few ways to get from Here to There. You can throw your wires in, put a cover on it and it looks clean. Or, you can take the extra steps of running the wires cleanly, without criss-crossing or overlapping. If we take the easier, faster way, the panel might look nice but underneath the wire duct cover, it’s a mess.

Photos by Garrod Massey

Photos by Garrod Massey

At UCEC, how we run wires inside wiring duct is a point of pride. We’re thinking of our end user and what’s best for them. Wiring neatly and cleanly, even when you can’t see it when the panel is complete, makes it easier on everyone else down the road. It makes it easier to find a wire if you can pull on it. No “bird’s nests” here! Also, clean wiring saves time and money. It gives more space in the panel, too.

We also include service loops when we run wires. This method ensures that if the equipment moves around, the wires will still reach where they need to go.

Quality custom panel work is our legacy at UCEC. Clean, tight wiring is one part of that proud tradition that we practice every day.

Garrod is an Operations Support Manager for UCEC.



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