Go To = MVP

By Mark Inboden

In sports, we often know who the Most Valuable Player is. The coach, team members and fans know who they are going to give the ball to on offense to win the game, or who is the big playmaker on defense to save the game. Players like Michael Jordan, Joe Montana and recently, Carli Lloyd of the US Women’s National soccer team come to mind.

In business, we rely on a lot of people with different skills to make the business run. We like to think that everyone contributes to the bottom line. Just as in sports, there are certain people who are relied upon more than others. I think you can spot them in your organization by asking people who they “go to” when resolving an issue, or need to get something done. If you ask that question of several people, and they all say “go to Monica,” then it is pretty clear that Monica is your MVP.

Then, ask this question: “What does Monica do that the others don’t?" I would wager that just like athletic training, Monica takes the time to learn as many positions (jobs) as possible, and understands how each area impacts the business as a whole. Monica most likely volunteers for any assignment that is presented, and knows that learning is a lifetime pursuit that has value for her and the company. She knows that to be the most valuable to her employer, she must be able to do any task that is asked of her.

This week, ask yourself if you are the “go to” person. If not, decide today if you would like to be.  You might have to “step up” in ways that you haven’t, or have been hesitant about in the past.  Managers and coaches love when someone says “I’ll do it” instead of asking for a volunteer. The next time the “game is on the line” you might be the “go to” for your company.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC. 


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