Engineering Luxury: the Bentley W12 Engine [VIDEO]

If you read the UCEC blog from time to time, you know we love great engineering videos. As a manufacturer, we pride ourselves on a high level of detail and craftsmanship. That's why it's inspiring to see our values modeled in companies such as Volkswagen and GE

Today's video is a longer one than usual, but it follows the hands-on production of Bentley's fabled W12 engine. Enjoy the video below, but before you click "play," here are some neat W12 stats from

Bentley's W12 engine in numbers

12.5 hours - the time taken to build a complete W12 engine at the U.K.-based Pyms Lane, Crewe plant. 

2600 - the number of components in the W12 engine

90 seconds - how long the water pump, running at full capacity, would take to fill a bath

70,000 units - the number of W12s produced at Crewe since the early 2000s

4000 litres - the amount of air that passes through the radiator every second at 206mph

900 degrees - the maximum exhaust temperature for the W12 engine

9000 units - Bentley's maximum W12 build capacity


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