Do You Have This Overlooked Management Skill?

By Mark Inboden

One of our business partners, Valerie Hausladen, Principle at Magnetika, posted this week on LinkedIn a great story on management skills from Inc.

Here’s a snippet:

“To four highly effective, seasoned, and successful tech executives, being a good talker isn't just overvalued, it can actually be detrimental. Instead, there's a subtle, often-overlooked ability that's one of the most vital skills you can have as a manager—the ability to write.”  

We’re fortunate to have a business partner in Valerie and her team at Magnetika. Our marketing efforts with Magnetika have been a win for UCEC because we receive a team of top talent for our different projects instead of one expensive marketing hire. Magnetika mixes and matches different marketing experts who specialize in positioning, websites, blogging, emails, etc. It’s like a whole marketing team at your disposal.

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Mark is the President and CEO of UCEC.


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