Employee Spotlight: Meet Morgan Burris

Assembler Morgan Burris has always worked with his hands. From a young age, he enjoyed taking things apart and then rebuilding them. From building cars to restoring antique firearms, Morgan thrives on problem-solving using what he calls a “mechanical mindset.”

“I love to figure out how things work,” Morgan says. “I get a major sense of gratification building one of our panels.”

Morgan’s daily work includes managing panel builds with plenty of checking and double-checking measurements and the details in the schematic prints. Challenges can pop up as Morgan considers whether an engineer’s plans can translate to the real-life confines of the panel. As he checks in with three other panel assemblers, Morgan might encounter bumps in the road that he’ll discuss with Operations Support Manager Zach Fothergill. Morgan has been with UCEC for almost three years.

Morgan Burris

Morgan Burris

“Every day at UCEC can be very different,” he says. “One project can be simply drilling holes or all the way to fabricating from raw materials. We do some really big custom projects.”

Morgan was recently trained on the new MC80 CNC machine. He was one of three employees who learned programming from a German trainer during a week-long installation and training session.

Every project is different enough that it’s interesting, and I continue to learn new things every day.
— Morgan Burris

During the sessions, Morgan and the other two employees were taught how to design and program a machining project using CAD-based software. Then they learned how to load panels, how to run the machine and then to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

“It’s been great,” Morgan says of having the MC80 up and running. “Once we place a panel in there, we can move on to other parts of the job as the machine is drilling and cutting.”

Away from the office, Morgan enjoys four wheeling and weekend camping trips in the mountains. He likes to work on cars, and has a Mitsubishi Galant he has fixed up for racing and car shows. Morgan is also a new homeowner, so he spends some of his time settling into his new place.


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