Employee Spotlight: Meet Terry Engledow

For Terry Engledow, UCEC’s values can be summed up in a few words: “It’s a place where we still do business with a handshake.” This approach to what some may call “old-fashioned” business is a way of life at UCEC, Terry says, and stems from a desire to serve clients honestly and thoughtfully. “I want our customers to have the best product, and I want them to return with repeat business.”

Terry’s history with UCEC goes back to 1979 when he worked in the field as a contractor doing installs and startups. In 1981 (nearly 33 years ago), he jumped at the chance to travel less and came on board as the shop foreman (and full-time employee). He was Lead Wireman for a time; he also gained experience working with customers. Soon, he was being called upon to guide clients through the quoting process.

Terry Engeldow at the UCEC headquarters in Arvada, CO. 

Terry Engeldow at the UCEC headquarters in Arvada, CO. 

In his current position as Technical Support Manager, Terry approaches quoting as a problem to be solved. At the start of a project, he pores over drawings (if present) and asks questions if the customer is not sure what they need. Everything is up for examination: hazards, location and the type of equipment that will work best for their situation. Terry also figures out programmable logic controls (PLC’s); motor control centers (MCC’s); and pneumatic controls.

No day is alike at UCEC, a fact that Terry enjoys. “One of the reasons I love this place so much: it’s always changing,” Terry says. “Of course, change can be difficult, but I find that I like it.”

When asked to tell a story about a customer project that stood out, Terry speaks about the wide variety of UCEC panels that ship to clients in China, Malaysia and Thailand. Terry also recalls gold mining clients in Africa and Russia several years back. “That’s one of the really great things about this company,” he notes. “We have a lot of resources and we’ll try anything.”

He says that UCEC’s strengths lie in its ability to build custom panels across so many markets: Beverage, Food, Household, Industrial, Life Sciences, Mining and Minerals, Oil and Gas, Packaging, Power Generation and Water/Wastewater.

Away from the office, Terry is thrilled to spend time with his 10 grandchildren, six of whom live in Colorado. He’s the father of three adult children. He enjoys antique cars, fishing, camping, dirt bikes and the stunning Colorado landscape.