A Mysterious Package Makes Its Way to UCEC

We’re excited to let you in on a big secret. Not too long ago, a very interesting and hardworking object was placed on a tractor trailer in a European country. The journey began with a trip through a cozy town, home to a lovely river, a historic castle and even a popular sauna. Our new friend settled in for the ride to the coast. At 9,960 pounds, it is a thing of beauty---and it’s headed straight for the UCEC shop. 

What else can we tell you about our European traveler? Well, we can venture a guess that it might have picked up a few phrases in its native tongue. After it was loaded on the truck, it was thought to have said, “Gehen wir!”*

We’re big fans of new technology that makes our customers happier and more satisfied. We’ll keep you up to date on where our friend is on its way to Colorado, USA, and its new UCEC home. 

Until then, we will bis bald!**

* Let’s go!

** See you later!