UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Marv Slager

Marv Slager has never been the type to sit behind a desk. As he puts it, “I like working with my hands. I enjoy building things.” Luckily for UCEC, Marv’s talents have been put to use as a Wiring Technician since 2012. 

Marv Slager

Marv Slager

Before UCEC, Marv worked at Systems Engineering, wiring panels for high voltage industrial control systems. Prior to Systems Engineering, he held a wiring position at HR Kirkland Company, a fire alarm display company. 

Marv doesn’t have a “typical” day in the UCEC shop because each day is fairly different, he says. But in general, he’ll receive an assignment from Operations Support Manager Garrod Massey. They might confer on the schematic or other details and then Marv gets to work. 

“It’s always something different,” Marv says. “All of the customers have different specifications which makes for a good variety of projects.” He also does some panel safety testing prior to the client’s battery of tests. Currently, Marv is working on a PLC primary control panel for a mining company. 

Marv loves living in Denver (he’s orginally from Michigan and lived in Arizona for a bit). He enjoys fishing, hiking and golf as well as watching the Broncos. He is the father of two grown children, Andrew and Amy, who both live in the Denver area. 

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