UCEC Employee Spotlight: Maverick and Winston Bollig

Maverick (left) and Winston Bollig

Maverick (left) and Winston Bollig

Editor's note: Each month, we meet another UCEC employee and learn more about their work. This month, we're featuring identical twins Maverick and Winston Bollig from the wiring side of the shop. 

Maverick Bollig
Maverick Bollig’s path to UCEC included repairing game machines. Now, as a Wire Technician, he approaches electrical devices from the starting line. “I enjoy creating the wiring from the beginning,” Maverick said. “What we’re building helps the world work.”

Maverick started at UCEC in November 2014. He began working in the warehouse but quickly was tapped to train on the wiring side of the shop. “It was different at first; you definitely feel overwhelmed,” Maverick said. “But then you kind of get the hang of it and the knowledge comes. You learn more and more.”

In fact, about four months ago, Maverick began teaching another new employee: his twin brother, Winston. “Once Winston started, it gave me a point to measure my growth, Maverick added.

Maverick sees himself having a good future at UCEC. He’s currently working on some panels for the oil and gas industry in North Dakota. Each panel is different, Maverick says. “You wire some panels that are relatively tiny and it’s tough to get wires in there, but some have more space and it balances out.”

Both brothers will head to Las Vegas in September for their father’s wedding. Along with the wedding comes three new step-sisters and one new stepbrother, ages 12, 10, 8 and 6.

Winston Bollig
Winston studied Business Management at Front Range Community College, earning his Associate’s degree. When an opening at UCEC popped up in the last week of his finals, he took his last exam and then interviewed for the position. He started the next week.

“Wiring definitely takes technical skills,” Winston said. “It’s not an easy task, but it’s nice to know that I’m learning something new every day.”

On the job about four months, Winston has started to settle into a groove, learning the wiring ropes. Attention to detail is a skill he already possessed, and one that comes in handy on the job. Currently, he works on whatever projects need an extra set of hands.

Winston appreciates his colleagues and the UCEC culture. “When you fit into a place, you just kind of fit,” he said. “I found a good place, good people and a good vibe.”

Away from the shop, Winston enjoys working out; he also plays softball on a team that just won their summer tournament.

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