UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Robert Rewerts

Robert Rewerts has been in his second career at UCEC as an Industrial Control Technician for 16 years. In his prior career, he worked for 18 years at a global security and aerospace company on various high-security clearance projects as an electrical engineer.

At UCEC, there might not be any “classified” panel projects but Robert says he’s actually learned more in his UCEC years than at his previous job.  

Robert Rewerts

Robert Rewerts

“At my former position, the designs were theoretical, and we were told to call someone if we had a problem,” Robert says. “At UCEC, I actually learned how to wire and to understand how the work I did translated to the bigger picture.”

As an Industrial Control Technician, Robert works on a variety of projects. His responsibilities include routing all of the wiring; adhering to electrical code standards; and circumventing any issues that might arise for staff in the field.

Robert has been working in electrical wiring and assembly long enough to see many ways that technology changes. When this happens, he draws on his decades of experience and gets the project complete as quickly as possible. “We usually know the right way to get something done,” he says with a smile.

Craftsmanship is another part of Robert’s daily routine. “Wiring panels is a craft. You have to know what you’re doing,” he says. “We make it look as good as we can while at the same time, it has to do what it’s designed to do with no problems.”

Away from the shop, Robert is currently renovating his house in preparation for its sale. After a few years as a rental, the house needs some TLC. Currently, he’s staying busy with tile and wall repair.


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