By Paula Zangari

Usually, things in life work much better if they are well organized. UCEC is no exception. Organizing our panel projects makes sure that parts are ordered on time; panels are made exactly as designed; and orders ship on time.

How do we do it? Meet the Traveler.

  Paula Zangari

Paula Zangari

The Traveler is the spreadsheet that contains all of the details for each project and follows the job from beginning to end. It lives tucked inside the folder on our server that contains all of the other parts of a project such as schematics and drawings.

If you peeked at the Traveler that I have open right now on my screen, you would see the project name; the engineer and his or her contact information; any missing parts that need to be ordered; whom the job coordinator is on the UCEC end; plus much more information that helps everyone complete the project.

I technically “own” the Traveler, but everyone has a hand in making sure the information contained is correct. Being organized like this comes naturally to me, so it’s neat that I can use my organizational skills to benefit the company.

There are dozens of small details in the Traveler such as when the nameplates are created to when the testing is scheduled to the shipping date. These details touch many different staff members, so it’s good to have a central place to look when we find ourselves asking a question (or two!) about a project.

The Traveler system has been with us for about two years. I am grateful for the organizational effort and for my colleagues who also contribute to this important document. We’re “traveling” together toward on-time and well-crafted panels!

Paula is an Operations Support Manager at UCEC.


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