Evan's Corner: Fight the Paperwork Blizzard

By Evan Coulter

I appreciate working for a small company where people and projects are accessible. Our customers are always welcome to walk onto the shop floor to check out their panel project. If you call us, we won’t put you through to voicemail but to a real person. We always try to be open, honest and available, all of the time.

I am reminded about the benefits of working for a small company from time to time when I encounter Very Extensive Paperwork. For example, an RFQ (Request for Quotation) might cross my desk for a small project. But the required documentation for this tiny panel project would keep several of our staff members busy for days preparing all of the paperwork requested. The amount of work to send in a bid would far exceed any reasonable project budget.

Large companies seem enamored with paperwork, in my opinion. And I can see where very expensive and sophisticated projects require detailed documentation. But a small panel project simply doesn’t need it. The problem is, most large companies have just one process and everyone gets shoehorned into it.

All paperwork isn’t bad, of course. But there comes a point and time when we have to say, ‘Enough is enough. Let’s build something.’
— Evan Coulter

Another neat thing about working for a small company is that you get exposed to all levels of the business. This was true for me at UCEC: I started working in the shop when I was hired nearly 15 years ago. There wasn’t a fear of being “stuck” in just one job for the rest of my career. I knew I could continue to learn and hopefully, assume greater roles and responsibilities.

All of my time at UCEC circles back to the way we want our customers to experience working with us: we want to be accessible. We want to make their change requests quickly without the nightmare of consulting three levels of personnel. We want working with UCEC to be painless. And with as little paperwork as possible.

Evan is UCEC’s VP of Operations.


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