Employee Spotlight: Meet Paula Zangari

Operations Support Manager Paula Zangari wears several hats in her job at UCEC. As warehouse manager, she organizes parts, materials and supplies that arrive daily from vendors. She handles shipping and receiving; ordering nameplates and terminal tags; invoicing; and some purchasing as needed.

After several positions in the banking industry, Paula left her job when she had her daughter. A few years later, a friend told her about a part-time receptionist position at UCEC. Paula applied, was hired in 2011 and started learning the panel shop ropes.

“My job is keeping track of everything and making sure everyone has what they need,” Paula says.

Paula Zangari

Paula Zangari

As warehouse manager, Paula supervises materials coming in to the shop. A colleague receives the items and then the materials are stored in the warehouse or loaded up on a “job cart” for a project already underway or close to it.

Each Monday, Paula meets with a small team of colleagues to go over the electrical control panels in flight and the new projects about to begin. Sometimes, a part may be missing and it’s Paula’s job to track it down. “A lot of problems filter through me,” she says. Perhaps it’s no surprise that Evan Coulter admiringly calls Paula the “dragonslayer.”

Another task of Paula’s is ordering nameplates and terminal markers. The nameplate is affixed to the panel and describes the parts of the panel (i.e. power supply, terminal strips). The terminal block tags designate the destination of the wires within the panel.

When a panel is complete and safety tested, Paula arranges for it to be shipped out. If there’s a custom crate to be built onsite, she might have to schedule that vendor as well. One thing is certain: each day brings new challenges to the job.

“I like that there’s something new every day,” Paula says. “I would get bored without a challenge.”

Away from the office, Paula, a married mother to two daughters, enjoys family camping in their travel trailer (“I don’t like to rough it too much!” Paula says.) Her daughters also play softball which keeps the family very busy in spring and fall.


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