Evan’s Corner: Skip the Pumpkin Spice but Bring on Fall

By Evan Coulter

It seems that every type of food is turning into “pumpkin spice” flavor this year, which isn’t personally my favorite thing. But everything else about fall? I love it.

For me, fall is crunchy leaves. Sleeping with windows open to crisp air. The smell of campfires. I was born in Olympia, WA so perhaps this affection for cooler weather is simply part of who I am.

Even fall brings a seasonal change to UCEC. This year, a lot of large projects are shipping out or have already left the shop. Those huge projects kept us very, very busy. Now, we’re working on a lot of smaller projects that have tight production schedules. These projects will definitely keep us on our toes for the rest of the year.

Often during this time of year, customers have budgets that they realize need spending, so our project slate picks up in the fall for fairly complex and unique panels. The shop atmosphere adjusts to this rhythm each year: we focus on these small projects where there is just one unique panel, instead of 15 of the same panel. It’s a chance to expand your thinking and have your mind work on something new.

We have the shop door open and soon will no longer need the swamp cooler to cool the Colorado air. We’ll use Nature’s air conditioning instead. It’s a great time to come visit your panel project. Just leave the pumpkin spice lattes behind.

Evan is VP of Business Operations at UCEC.


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