At UCEC, our craftsmen specialize in the panel construction side of the shop or the wiring side of the shop. For today's Quick Photo Friday, we thought we would drop in on the wiring side. Enjoy a glimpse of precision in action!

In case you're new to UCEC, we're proud to let you know that UCEC has complete assembly, wiring, metal fabrication and testing areas in our production facility. Our panels are manufactured in accordance to NEMA, JIC, NEC and UL standards. The scope of our work has no limits: Standard enclosures, Custom enclosures, MCC's, Fiber Optics panels, Solenoid/Profibus panels, Purged Systems, and integration of any PLC manufacturer is supported.

Photos by Garrod Massey, Operations Support Manager. Team member featured above and below (with hat) is Ben Bellavance. The third image is Ron Siauw testing a panel; the last picture is Marvin Slager wiring a PLC arm. 

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