Low-Key Fourth of July Celebration Ideas


Does this Fourth of July find you a little busy, distracted or exhausted? Maybe this is the year you’re just not able to host the family BBQ. Or perhaps 2017 was filled with a job change, a move or health challenges.

We get it. Perhaps it seems the rest of the country is celebrating with patriotic displays and extreme fireworks, but a quieter celebration is more appropriate for your situation. Here are three easy ways to enjoy the Fourth without going bonkers preparing, hosting and cleaning up.

1. Eat a hot dog or hamburger (that someone else cooks)

While you’re at it, throw in some pre-sliced watermelon from the deli of your favorite grocery store. Find this magical hot dog or hamburger at a local fast food restaurant (or if you are a vegetarian) at a natural grocery store deli counter.

The char-grilled taste of a hot dog or hamburger might bring back happy memories from past celebrations. We won’t tell if you eat two.

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2. Let freedom ring: do something you really, really like to do

Are you a movie buff? Go sit in a dark movie theatre and watch that action-adventure flick you’re dying to see. Or is a trail run more your style? Get up early and hit the trail before it’s too warm. This is your day: spend it like you want to. (And if you share your life with family members, ask them what makes the day perfect in their minds. Give each other space and time to have a ball.)

3. Catch some fireworks (not literally)

If you’re near most any largish-suburb or small city, there will be fireworks to be had at dusk. Maybe you’re not up for the full-on experience: fighting traffic and spreading out a blanket to take in the red, white and blue. But you can park at a more remote spot and watch from the comfort of your own car. Or if that’s too much work or too late (maybe you have small children at home), there’s always PBS’s broadcast of “A Capitol Fourth” from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Check local listings here.

We wish you and your family a wonderfully festive and safe Fourth of July!