5 Questions for Evan Coulter

Editor's Note: You may have seen the post, "5 More Questions with Mark Inboden" earlier this year. We thought it was time to ask Evan Coulter, VP of Business Operations, five questions of his own. Thanks, Evan, for your insights and answers. 

Evan Coulter

Evan Coulter

1. You started with UCEC 17 years ago. What's the biggest change or changes you've seen at UCEC? 

I started 17 years ago! It was strange, walking in here as a six-year-old… 

I think the biggest change has to be the people. Back when I started, it was a one-man show. Chris (Kitsos, UCEC's former owner) did everything, made all the decisions himself. Now, it is much more of a real team effort and I believe that shows in our quality and I believe our customers appreciate that.

2. You're now the VP of Business Operations. What past positions with UCEC prepared you for this role? 

All of them! Starting out here at the very bottom like I did really exposed me to every aspect of the business. I built the panels, which got me familiar with the parts, which helped me in Purchasing. The building of panels and helping customers with their testing helped me now with Quoting and Customer Service. All those stepping stones are why it is great working for a small company like this.

3. Fill in the blank: "Customer service at UCEC means..." 

Quite simply, what you need when you need it! Communication is the key to Customer Service.

4. UCEC has been in business since 1958. What does it take for a company to be successful in the utility control panel business?

I think there are two keys to being successful. You need to take care of your customers, and you need to take care of your employees. If you lose one, it’s only a matter of time before you lose the other. We work hard every day to take care of both.

5. You and your family are avid campers. Any plans to head into the woods this summer? 

Yes! We just bought a pop-up last November, and just had our first trip in it. The nice thing about the pop-up is we can have everything packed, and decide last minute to take a trip and only have to load up food. We are planning on a couple trips to Wyoming this summer. The first one is back to the Tetons, where I have been going for 30 years, and have family meet us there. The next one is up to Thermopolis to watch the eclipse. Should be a fun summer!


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