3 Ways to Keep a Customer: Customer Service at UCEC

We’re not shy about our relentless focus on customer service here at UCEC. From an open-door policy to our willingness to stay late to finish a special request or say “let me check,” the UCEC team keeps the customer top of mind every single day.

Here are three ways we’re striving keep every customer satisfied. 

1. Employ A Highly Skilled and Passionate Team

The UCEC team is tops! Meet just a few members of our amazing and talented team. 

2. Make Sure the Team Strives to Serve the Customer

We have an "open door" policy, which means customers can visit their projects anytime they wish. Our customers can call with questions or concerns, and a real person will answer the phone. Our team members say "give me a few minutes" instead of automatically turning down a request. 

New wiring stripping and cutting technology in the shop. 

New wiring stripping and cutting technology in the shop. 

"We do not do everything perfectly at UCEC, but the employees that strive to do their jobs better and better, improve their skills and add to an even better customer experience," says Mark Inboden, President and CEO of UCEC. "We learn from every job and try to make the next one better. The experience we gain results in better panels, deliveries and efficiencies for all."

3. Enable the Team to Keep Learning and Growing

Our team is inspiring: they continue to grow and learn through traveling to trade shows, tracking down new technology and taking classes. 

"Every efficiency we enjoy is passed on to our customers; when we work more efficiently, our customers receive their projects faster," says Operations Support Manager Garrod Massey. "We take great pride in our work, and having the latest technology is just one more way we can produce the best handcrafted electrical control panels anywhere."

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