Happy Thanksgiving from UCEC: Two Gifts to Take This Year


Are you headed to a Thanksgiving celebration today or perhaps hosting one? If so, here are two easy gifts to "add" to the table.

Give the gift of learning something new

You've probably heard that "silence is golden." Take that rule and listen this year at your Thanksgiving feast. Learn more about family members and friends (maybe the quiet ones?). Open your ears to news of health scares, promotions, school and work tales and upcoming travel. Ask smart, open-ended questions. Talk less, listen more and let's all learn something new this year!

Give the gift of uplifting conversation

It's easy to begin a conversation by grumbling, right? Everyone can relate to work or family stress. Sometimes, it feels good to complain and get it all off of your chest. This year, however, try a different direction: try to start your conversations on a positive note. Offer the best of the situation, not the worst. Here's a tip: start sentences with positive afirmations such as "It was great when..." or "The best part of this whole thing is..." Try and see if you can do this at the table this year. Happy Thanksgiving! 

To our customers, employees and vendors: Warm Thanksgiving wishes are headed your way from UCEC! We give thanks for you and your support this year. May your holiday be safe and happy; and may the day be filled with great memories made with friends and family.