Employee Spotlight: Meet Hubert Siauw

When Hubert Siauw was searching for a new career, he didn’t have to look very far. His father, Ron, and uncle, Han, already worked at UCEC as talented craftsman. Another uncle, Hartono, worked at UCEC for years as well.

Hubert and his sister, Jessica Siauw. 

Hubert and his sister, Jessica Siauw. 

Hubert started on the Wiring side of the shop at the end of 2016. His previous career was as a firefighter for several Colorado cities. With no prior panel experience, he jumped into learning how to wire panels, often with his father stopping by to lend some expert guidance. Hubert also teamed up with more experienced colleagues on larger panels so he could ask questions as he worked.

“I really like the work,” Hubert says. “The nature of the job is pretty complicated and it takes a lot of knowledge and a different way of thinking.” Armed with some basic electrical knowledge from his firefighting days, Hubert has begun learning the detailed standards for UL listings.

One area Hubert has found to be interesting is reading the schematics. As he wires panels, he’s learning to ask questions if he encounters something that needs more explanation. Sometimes, his questions are answered by his fellow craftsmen. Other times, the questions lead to a call with the electrical engineer. “There’s usually a bunch of ways you can solve a particular problem,” Hubert notes. He says he asks for help as much as he needs to so the project stays on track and is wired correctly.

“I really just want to learn as much as possible,” he says. “It’s a pretty fascinating subject.”

Currently, Hubert is working on large oil and gas panels, usually teamed up with one other colleague. Away from the shop, he enjoys snowboarding and hanging out with friends.


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