Knocking Down Walls

The shop with a view all the way to the back wall. Photo by Evan Coulter. 

The shop with a view all the way to the back wall. Photo by Evan Coulter. 

By Evan Coulter

We recently knocked down a wall in the shop. This wall had existed long before most of us started working here. But the wall wasn’t helpful: it was a barrier to a more open shop floor. It was time for it to go.

Evan Coulter

Evan Coulter

The wall wasn’t a terrible thing; UCEC certainly thrived for decades with it in place. But it was a mental barrier. Now, with the wall down, one can see all the way to the back wall. There is a feeling of openness that wasn’t quite there before.

I tend to think of that old wall as representing what UCEC is not. We’re all about moving forward, not getting stuck in a way of thinking that says, “Well, we always did it this way, so it must be right!”

Instead, here at UCEC, we’re outrunning yesterday. We’re innovating and moving forward. And sure, it’s easy to say that. It’s easy to blog about it or put those words on a slick piece of marketing material. But when it comes down to it, UCEC is showing our values to the world. We research and examine new tech; we attend trade shows; we do advanced training.

I met with a customer recently who had purchased a custom enclosure from another firm for various reasons, and had it shipped to UCEC so we could complete it. Unfortunately, the enclosure came to us built completely wrong. We immediately called the customer and invited them to come in and talk about the panel. When they arrived, we had a plan in place to make sure the panel was finished correctly and on time for our customer’s customer. When I spoke with this customer earlier in the month about a new upcoming order, they were still so grateful for the extra work we did on their behalf.

Stories like this make me appreciate the partnership role we have with our customers. And it’s not words on a page. It’s the things we do that make UCEC stand out from the crowd.

Evan is Vice President of Business Operations at UCEC.


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