Employee Spotlight: Meet John Westbrook

Learning about the world of electrical control panels has been an eye-opener for new employee John Westbrook. As a member of the Fabrication team, John says he knew very little about panels when he was hired three months ago.

Photo illustration of John (a husky lover) having a little fun a la  The Lion King . 

Photo illustration of John (a husky lover) having a little fun a la The Lion King

“I had never really seen one, so it’s been cool to come in and see what’s going on behind the scenes,” John says. “Without control panels, a lot of these industries wouldn't be able to do what they do.”

John already knew his way around building something from scratch. Prior to UCEC, he worked in construction as a member of a residential remodeling team. Other jobs have included working at a large wholesale retailer and at his father’s engraving business. John graduated from Ralston Valley High School in 2013.

Having prior panel experience isn’t a requirement for employment at UCEC. The company excels at training the right people: candidates who are curious, teachable and able to ask for help when they need it.

John’s first job at UCEC was learning to build some basic back panels. After that, he says he started learning how to program and operate the Steinhauer CNC machine. “I’ve run laser engraving machines,” John says, “But the Steinhauer is a lot more complex!”

A typical day for John means being flexible. He might work on back pans and then switch to the Steinhauer machine. Or he might jump from one project to another as deadlines approach for large projects. The hardest part of the job? John says it’s jigsawing holes on the outside of the enclosures. “It’s one of the more expensive pieces of materials we work with. If you do the hole the wrong way, you set everyone back.”

John is learning the in’s and out’s of a new industry. A few months into the job, he’s beginning to understand when he sees a certain company’s name on the project, he knows the panels are headed to an oil and gas company’s rig or a beverage plant conveyor belt.

Although he has a lot to learn, John says UCEC is already setting him up for success by pairing him with experienced fabricators. “The company has been really good at putting you together with the right person for the task. Everyone steps in to help,” he says.

Life for John away from the shop centers around music, his girlfriend and his husky. John plays guitar and piano, and is starting to learn the violin. Another one of John’s hobbies is photography; he’s currently breaking in a new camera.


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