From Temporary to Permanent: New Employees Find Their Way

As UCEC scales up to meet an increased number of panel projects this year, hiring new employees is a matter of course in our Arvada shop. We post job openings on our blog, social media, Craigslist and other places, but sometimes there just aren’t enough qualified applicants.

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When this happens, UCEC turns to several temporary agencies for help. In March, three different agencies sent us Denise Nation, Justin Kastner and Jade Bechir. Justin and Jade had previous panel experience; Denise was NASA-certified in micro-soldering. All three temp employees jumped in and learned how to wire panels to UCEC’s exacting specifications.

“All three of them excelled right off the bat,” says Garrod Massey, Operations Support Manager, who oversees the Wiring side of the shop. “They are eager to learn and interested in doing a great job.”

From left: Justin, Denise, Jade. Photo by Garrod Massey. 

From left: Justin, Denise, Jade. Photo by Garrod Massey. 

Once UCEC met its contractual obligations with the temp agencies, UCEC extended full-time job offers to Denise, Justin and Jade. Garrod says the three former temps were “super happy” to join UCEC as employees. “This is where they want to be, and that validates the work we’re doing in hiring, training and retaining great employees,” Garrod notes.

“I enjoy the fun, friendly atmosphere and how each panel is a new challenge,” Denise says. “It is rewarding to see the end result and how it is a reflection of my work.”

This work is challenging for me because every panel is unique and customized. Also, it is challenging in the fact that the panel also has to look clean, neat and takes a little time to understand the best way to route my wires.
— Denise Nation

UCEC offers a unique apprentice-style program for new employees. Garrod encourages anyone with a technical aptitude to take a good look at UCEC and send us your resume

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