UCEC Built: Working with Pride

Editor’s note: This is the third in a series about what the phrase “UCEC Built” means to our leadership team. Today’s post is from Zach Fothergill, Operations Support Manager, who leads our Fabrication team.  

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of “UCEC Built” is our customer. We form a partnership with our customers, and that’s important, because every panel is unique. We’re going to work through designs together; we’re going to work through any issues that arise together. So, it’s important to think of the customer first and how we might be a great partner to them.

When potential customers tour the shop, they are really surprised. They see how busy we are, but more than that, they see how diverse we are. We’re not just building panels in a niche-type market. We’ve been around for years, and we’re going to continue to be in business. We serve many industries and many different projects.

I think we’re always striving to build a great product, so we try to pay attention to small details. If we’re going to do the job, we’re going to do it right. We put in small details that no one might notice right away, but they’re there. With the addition of technology like the Steinhauer, we’re fabricating accurate and repeatable panels. We want to build panels that field staff can get their hands on and work on.

When I hear the term “UCEC Built,” I also think of our employees. Any company is nothing without its employees. It’s critical to focus on our employees and build relationships that are going to last. We want to keep our employees motivated, interested and challenged on a daily basis. Every project is different, so the folks on my team are really strengthening their creativity muscles. They also enjoy taking a design from black-and-white on paper to the real thing.

I guess at the end of day, the products that we produce are ours, and we can always say that with pride.

Zach is an Operations Support Manager for UCEC.

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