UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Garrod Massey

As a high school student, Operations Support Manager Garrod Massey studied electronics and robotics, even winning a robotics competition and landing a partial scholarship to the Colorado School of Mines. But after high school, Garrod’s career took a different turn as he pursued musical aspirations and took on an appliance delivery job.

Garrod Massey

Garrod Massey

A chance meeting with an old friend, Zach Fothergill, led to a UCEC interview in 2007. For Garrod, it was an opportunity to get back to his first love of electronics. “When I walked in and saw the shop, I was dumbfounded,” Garrod says with a laugh. “With robotics, I worked in very small spaces. The panels at UCEC were huge.”

Garrod started out in a handyman-type position, mowing the lawn and performing maintenance on the shop trucks. Soon, Garrod began to train in the shop. The UCEC management staff paired Garrod with a seasoned mentor, Hartono Han Siauw, with whom he worked for two years. “Hartono was meticulous and super smart,” Garrod says. “He taught me everything he knew before he retired.”

In 2010, Garrod was promoted to Production Supervisor, responsible for Assembly and Wiring. As the shop became busier a few years later, it was clear that the shop structure needed to change. Zach was put in charge of Assembly and Garrod was tapped to lead Wiring. Eventually, both employees became Production Managers and then later, Operation Support Managers.

For Garrod, mentoring is a part of the job he finds fulfilling. “I really get a kick out of teaching the younger guys,” he says.

Garrod’s work days kick off with a morning status update. Monday mornings bring a scheduling meeting. Daily, Garrod helps with training; assists Ron Siauw with Quality Control; and interfaces with customers who stop by to see their panels in progress.

Garrod also handles the UL listings for the panels. The requests for UL listings have increased dramatically in the past two years, Garrod notes. The work involves doing calculations for electrical loads; determining what types of wiring come into the panels; and making sure all of the components are rated for a particular service. It’s detailed work that Garrod takes very seriously with ongoing training and classes.

Away from the shop, Garrod and his wife, Brittany, enjoy cooking at home as well as checking out Denver’s bustling restaurant scene. The couple, who recently moved into Denver near 8th and Broadway, are dedicated arts lovers, taking in the ballet, plays and art galleries. While they call themselves “city people,” they also try to get to the mountains as often as possible.


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