Happy Holidays from UCEC: The Best Gifts You Can Give

We hope your holidays are bright and warm, with an abundance of joy this season. Since it's the time of gift giving, we thought we would offer a short list of meaningful presents. The best news? These are all gifts from the heart, so the price tag is FREE. 

1. The Gift of Appreciation

Who have you thanked today? If you're at work, tell your colleagues sincerely how much their assistance or guidance have helped you recently. If you're traveling home for the holidays, take a moment to thank the people you come in contact with, such as flight attendants, baristas or Uber drivers. You'll never know how much it means to hear "Thank you" when someone has had five negative customer reactions in a row. 

2. The Gift of Time

Who can you help this week? Perhaps you have an elderly neighbor or relative who has trouble going out and about. Can you offer to do some of their holiday shopping? Or perhaps deliver groceries or other supplies? 

Parents of young children often long for a babysitter but may not be able to afford one at this time of year. Offer to babysit for friends or relatives. Or perhaps invite families with kids over for crockpot chili. A simple meal shared with friends is a treasure. 

3. The Gift of Encouragement

Life can be tough. Who in your world needs to hear a few words of encouragement? Perhaps you know a friend dreaming of starting her own business. Offer to hear out her business plan and offer feedback (if appropriate). Consider ways you can encourage your nephew who is struggling at college. Or think about how you can support a single mom who is raising three kids on her own. We all need encouragement in our daily lives. Be the person who says, "I believe in you!"

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from UCEC! 


Jennifer FenskeComment