UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Joseph Zuniga

Joseph Zuniga in the UCEC Engraving Room.  Photo by Zach Fothergill

Joseph Zuniga in the UCEC Engraving Room. Photo by Zach Fothergill

Joseph Zuniga joined UCEC in May 2016 and his “creative touch” can already be seen around the shop. Since coming on board as a Control Panel Craftsman on the Assembly side, Joseph impressed everyone with his artistic talents. Now, he’s working in the Engraving office and recently helped upgrade UCEC’s engraving software.

Joseph says his fascination with art goes back to childhood. He designs comic books for clients around the globe and also has a brisk business commissioning paintings. Before coming to UCEC, he worked as a tattoo artist; a coal mine surveyor; catering manager and freelance video game illustrator. He also studied studio art at a local college.

The engraving upgrade project has been well received by customers who can now have their logos on panel nameplates. “We’re getting great feedback,” he says. “We wanted to see what we could accomplish with the panel nameplates and make them more elaborate and appealing to the eye.”


Currently, Joseph uses a combination of four different programs to create the new nameplate designs. His engraving “flair” has even shown up on the UCEC Christmas tree! 

Joseph says that even though nameplates may seem like a simple thing, no one else is doing the creative engraving that UCEC offers. “We can do it in-house, and it’s one more way our panels are handcrafted and completely unique,” he notes.

Like many people, Joseph was unfamiliar with the panel industry before he heard about the job from a friend who knew Zach Fothergill. But it’s quickly become home. “It’s the most fun and caring place I’ve ever worked,” Joseph says. “We have our hard times and our good times, but it’s a fantastic place and a great opportunity.”

Away from the shop, Joseph works on his art projects. He’s currently painting nature scenes and comic book character commissions for holiday gifts.



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