Major Announcement: Drone Delivery

Photo courtesy of NOTTREAL Drone Systems, Inc. 

Photo courtesy of NOTTREAL Drone Systems, Inc. 

April 1, 2015 - UCEC is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with NOTTREAL Drone Systems, Inc. (NOTTREAL)  to begin testing the delivery of control panels via drones later this summer.  “After seeing what NOTTREAL has done in revolutionizing pizza and grocery deliveries, we thought that drone delivery of industrial control panels was a natural next step,” said Evan Coulter, Vice President of Operations.  

“We are honored to team with UCEC on such a forward-thinking approach to customer delivery," replied F.A. Kename, Chief Marketing Officer at NOTTREAL. "UCEC has the volume and breadth of delivery locations that will enable us to really test our equipment.”   

The terms and final contract dollars involved in the agreement are still being negotiated, mainly waiting on some “legalities.” UCEC President and CEO Mark Inboden is confident that the paperwork will be finalized in short order. “I am more than ready to ink this deal. After two weeks of using NOTTREAL's “School Kid” drone system, and my son never being late to school because of a traffic jam in the drop-off lane, I am completely on board and excited for the delivery capabilities we can soon offer our customers!"




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