What's Your “Pre-work” Routine?

By Mark Inboden

Ever wonder why some people are great students, athletes or managers? I would take bets that most of their success relies on a “routine” on how they approach homework, games and work.

Mark Inboden

Mark Inboden

I will shamelessly use golf as an example. If you ever watch the top men's and women's players in the world, you will notice that everyone has a “pre-shot” routine. Each player has an exact way to prepare and get themselves ready to perform a golf stroke.

This ability to replicate their routine eliminates any choices about how to hit a shot, and often they hit the ball with a great result. If they get distracted during this process, they need to start the whole process over, or if they don’t, they are sure to miss their shot. I know that I have a better game if I repeat my routine and don’t let distractions modify what I am doing.

The importance of getting yourself into a routine in the workplace can help you in a number of ways. If you think about it, your workplace often provides you with your daily routine. You normally have an idea of what you need to do each day, what phone calls need to be made, meetings to attend, deadlines for orders, etc. Now, ask yourself: what is your “pre-work” routine?

Do you have a “repeatable” way of doing your work? If you are interrupted, do you regroup and get back to your “pre-work” routine? A “pre-work” routine often eliminates the amount of decisions that you need to make, because it focuses you on the task at hand. Having no routine, does the opposite. Distractions often get you off your game, and you need a way to refocus your efforts. Creating a “pre-work” routine is paramount to achieving success at your workplace.

Mark is President and CEO of UCEC. 


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