UCEC Employee Spotlight: Meet Danielle Delisa

Danielle “Dani” Delisa came to UCEC after attending school. To be precise, she attended a lot of classes, ending up with three degrees and two minors. Calling herself a “bit of a career student,” Dani is a naturally curious person who loves learning. (For those keeping score at home, her degrees are in Biology with a minor in Chemistry; Political Science with a minor in Economics; and Organizational Leadership in Human Resources.)

Danielle Delisa

Danielle Delisa

At UCEC, Dani works in Operations and Technical Support. Her responsibilities include pricing the parts needed for quoting projects; taking care of sales orders (parts that aren’t necessarily installed on our panels and are needed onsite); and Human Resources administration.

The sales orders are a favorite part of Dani’s day. “I like to build relationships with people,” she says. “I enjoy talking to my customers and helping them get what they need.” Mornings are typically the busiest part of the day, with a rush of parts orders and quotes coming in. Her HR work can be slow or busy depending on what time of year it is, such as the insurance renewal period. There’s not a lot of turnover at UCEC, so most of Dani’s HR work is for new hires.

As for that love of learning, Dani said she originally wanted to be a pediatrician. But once she became a mother, she decided that the punishing resident hours weren’t for her. She still keeps her hand in biology, however. A recent biology book from Johns Hopkins sits on her reading shelf.

Dani first came to UCEC in 2013 as a receptionist. She quickly took on more responsibility and became an integral part of team. “It turns out I just love the people here,” Dani says. “I am constantly laughing. When you are happy where you are, it’s easier to do a good job. I feel very fortunate that I fell into this place and I am as happy as I am here.”

Away from the office, Dani’s family stays busy hiking, camping and visiting their cabin in Grand Lake. Her family includes daughter Kaiya, 13; son Sam, 9; and husband Preston (of whom Dani says, “I hit the jackpot with him”).


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