Merry Christmas from UCEC

UCEC wishes you and yours warm holiday wishes and a Merry Christmas. We hope your week is filled with warmth and special times with friends and family. 

It's always a good thing to look back at the past year, as UCEC's Evan Coulter told us recently in his latest Evan's Corner. Some of us may be peeking around the corner to 2016 and wondering what we can do better or more efficiently or....fill in the blank with your goal! 

Here are some suggestions to get going on a better 2016.

1. Clean out Your Inbox
Some of us have thousands of unread emails. Are you really going to go back and read them? We didn't think so. Delete huge chunks of unread emails using a simple rule such as, "I will delete all emails from 2012." Chances are, you don't need those messages. Use to unsubscribe to random newsletters. And when you are online shopping, make sure to uncheck the box that says, "Sign me up for Company X emails."

2. Use the Phone Less
Have you seen the photos by Antoine Geiger of people's faces being sucked into mobile phones? It's a commentary on how we are all absorbed with our phones, often to the detriment of the people around us. Download the Moment app (for iOS users) to track time on your iPad or iPhone. The results may surprise you!

3. Say "No" and Mean It
We all say "yes" when we mean "No way!" In 2016, pick a few things that you do just "because" and jettison them. Whether this is a volunteer position that has become stale (but who else will do the work?") or a monthly lunch date with a friend that has become more of a chore, choose carefully how you fill up the 168 hours in your week. You don't get them back. 

4. Move More
Can you park on the opposite side of the parking lot from your destination? Walk to the bank on your lunch break? What about scheduling an after-dinner session on the Wii or with a jump rope? Try to work in more ways to move your body. Better sleep and better health are great rewards. 

5. Be Grateful
Dozens of studies point to gratefulness as the gateway to a happier life. One simple (and free!) tool is to simply record five things you are grateful for each day. Try it for the month of January and see where this new habit might take you. 

Here's hoping 2016 is your best year ever!

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