Evan’s Corner: Finding Those Pennies

By Evan Coulter

I read the other day about Otha Anders, a man in Louisiana who recently cashed in half a million pennies that he had been collecting for 45 years. His stash was worth $5,000. According to a newspaper interview, Anders began picking up the pennies that he found decades ago. He looked for pennies as he walked; he saved the pennies in change received; and students at the school where Anders worked would sell him pennies (Anders refused to take pennies from people who offered).

Evan Coulter

Evan Coulter

This great story made me consider how we might “find pennies” at UCEC. I would define “pennies” as “efficiencies” in every step of our process. It might be just a one percent efficiency, but those “one percents” can add up over the course of a year.

Our MC-80 makes us more efficient. Our staff cross-training makes us more efficient because if you know how to assemble a panel and wire it, you can anticipate your fellow colleague’s needs down the line. Our tablets allow us to capture efficiencies because we’re all on the same page and no one on the management team needs to be tied to their desks. It’s looking for those efficiencies every day through technology, training, tweaking and conserving.

I think once we search for them, almost anyone can find their own pennies. What pennies can you find today?

Evan is Vice President of Business Operations for UCEC.


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