Employee Spotlight: Meet Bob Krol

Bob Krol began his career at UCEC in 1996. (If you’re keeping score at home, this makes him our second-most senior employee. Learn more about our longest-serving employee here.)

Bob started off working in the shop learning drilling and wiring. But he would do “anything that was asked of him,” he says with a laugh. Bob remembers mowing grass around headquarters, painting and pouring tar from a coffee can into the parking lot cracks.

Bob Krol, Operation Support at UCEC. 

Bob Krol, Operation Support at UCEC. 

After a time, Bob worked his way up to floor supervisor which meant he ran layouts and worked both sides of the shop: assembly and wiring. Then he moved into the office and offered technical support to the team. Now, as Operation Support, Bob reviews schematics and makes sure there’s no mistakes or inconsistencies before the panel heads into production. When he sees what appears to be a difference between the schematic and the Bill of Materials, Bob does research to track down what changes have been made or what changes need to be made. He is also starting to bid on jobs, learning from co-worker Terry Engledow as he goes.

After nearly 20 years of reading the “prints,” Bob says he can tell when something is amiss. And tracking down the issue is satisfying, he notes. Not one to be flashy, Bob says he operates under a “get it done” philosophy.

Bob is a Colorado native who enjoys fly fishing, snowboarding and model car and airplane building. Bob also likes playing Madden football and basketball PlayStation games. But his heart’s delight are three goddaughters he sees frequently. Plus, of course, his two cats.