Our Mysterious Traveler Sails in to the Port of Houston

By Mark Inboden
President | CEO

After a long journey by sea to the Port of Houston, our new European friend has arrived on U.S. soil, bringing with it a valuable new technology our customers will soon grow to love. (Read more about our new traveling companion in this blog post.)

It’s a thrilling time to be in Houston. This year, the Houston Ship Channel will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The dredging of the 52-mile deep-water channel a century ago from the Gulf to the new community of Houston made a vital marine link with the rest of the world.

But for now, it’s time for an overland journey to Arvada, CO. We’ve already told you that our traveler is bound for the UCEC shop; and is 136 inches tall, 180 inches wide, 104 inches deep and 9,960 pounds. It’s an exciting piece of new technology that will help serve our customers more quickly.

Little bit by little bit, we are putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s kind of like a panel design: first an idea, then a design, then construction, then wiring and finally, the last piece of the puzzle, safety testing. Stay with us...we'll soon reveal the last piece of the puzzle!