Excellence: The 60 Year Legacy of UCEC

Throughout its history, UCEC’s commitment to excellence has endured, with each leader looking for ways to evolve the product and innovate to anticipate customer needs in a rapidly changing world. Learn more about our history and history and how it helped us grow into the panel shop we are today.

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Process Improvement in the Control Panel Industry

At UCEC, every year we strive to do better than the last. It’s this pursuit of innovation that’s kept us in business for more than half a century and what will sustain us into the next one. Today, we’re sharing a topic that might be one of the least exciting, but one of the most critical for your business’ success: process improvement.

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Control Panels for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical facilities are another interesting environment where our panels operate. They’re regulated by the FDA, handle very potent and oftentimes dangerous chemicals, and are responsible for creating medicines to exact specifications that people rely on to treat their maladies. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that pharmaceutical facilities have high standards when it comes to both safety and cleanliness.

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