MEET OUR Craftsmen


Terry Engledow

Technical Support Manager

Terry began life as an “Air Force Brat” at the Luke Air Force Base in Glendale, Arizona. His next stop until the age of 9 was Okinawa, Japan. His family moved to Colorado in 1965, and it has been home ever since.

After high school, Terry was a journeyman electrician working in the mining and energy fields. He came to work at UCEC in 1981 to work in the Field Services area doing start-ups and field maintenance. A couple of years later, he was given the opportunity to become the panel shop foreman. The last 10 years he has concentrated on his “wheelhouse” quoting jobs, helping customers configure projects and troubleshooting design issues.  

The father of three children, and grandfather to 10, Terry still finds time to enjoy sporting events, the great outdoors and playing cards. He is an “expert” on his hero, Nikola Tesla. Terry likes the new challenges he sees at UCEC, and especially enjoys his interactions and time spent with customers.


Paul Touzinsky

Control System Designer

 According to Paul, he was Born in Appleton, Wisconsin, and within two years his parents corrected the situation and moved to Chicago (Issac Asimov would understand this!). After spending ten plus years in the banking world, he decided to pursue an engineering degree. Paul has been a Control System Designer for UCEC since 1999.

Paul’s outside interests include bicycle repair and maintenance, disc golf, being just a “micron” short of being a concert pianist and spending time with his wife Patti. During the football season, he is still a devoted, and somewhat misguided, Chicago Bears fan.


Laura Pinkston

Credit Manager

UCEC is a wonderful company to work for and I have really enjoyed being a part of the team.  I have been encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and to express ideas, which has been a great step to building confidence and a sense of belonging. I look forward to being able to continue growing and learning as much as I can.

I first came to UCEC in 2007 as the receptionist. Within that position, I also did the engraving and terminal markers. While continuing these duties, I eventually took over quoting, purchasing and managing the parts orders as well as being back up for the Purchasing Manager. I also did our product returns and insurance benefits as well.

As we grew, we hired others, and I found a new opportunity within the company. I’m now in the Accounting Department and handle accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and all other credit duties.

I have been married for 33 years. We have two children, Stephanie and Adam, as well as two grandchildren, Evan and Leilah. My interests include reading and decorating, and I may soon get back to painting.


Bob Krol

Operations Support

This Denver native and Denver North High graduate started his career in the panel shop at UCEC in 1993. Bob is trained in all areas of the shop. His experience includes, assembly, wiring, painting, metal fabrication and field service. After spending some time as a shop supervisor, he then moved into quoting jobs. His role is to go through each print and verify all the parts needed for production.

Fly fishing, snow boarding, and shooting sports are a number of the outdoor activities that Bob enjoys. When the football season begins, he is not only a Broncos fan, but runs numerous fantasy football leagues.

Bob enjoys the challenges of new technology and helping our customers with their panel projects.  


Danielle Delisa

Operations and Technical Support

I am a Colorado Native, who like most Colorado natives, cannot imagine living anywhere else. I grew up in Westminster, graduated from Standley Lake High School, and earned my degree from Colorado State University.

I currently live in Arvada, with my husband Preston of 14 years who is a constant blessing in my life. We have two children (a daughter, 13, and a son, age 9) who are active in competitive sports which keeps our schedules very busy. They are the greatest loves of my life, and my most notable accomplishments.

I have been with UCEC since 2013, and have found a very comfortable home here. I work with amazing people and have a pleasant balance between work and family. I couldn’t ask for better.


Cindy Bybee

Purchasing Manager

Teamwork at UCEC is very important, and I work every day to find ways to better communicate with the other departments so we can put out a great product for our customers. I have always said you have to like what you do in order to do a good job and my time here with UCEC proves that theory works.

I am proud to announce that I have been employed with Utility Control and Equipment for a total of nearly 19 years. My time with UCEC has been anything but boring. There is always something new and that keeps my career as a Purchasing Manager exciting.

With more than 26 years in the purchasing field, I have maintained some superb relations with our vendors. I strive to better our relationships so that we receive the products we need in a timely and cost effective manner.

On a personal note, I am a single mother of two grown daughters and a grandmother of five grandchildren with another one on the way. I live on a small farm where ducks, geese and chickens are my constant companions (and alarm clocks!). I enjoy traveling on singles cruises where I have met some fantastic people. I also enjoy traveling with my daughters and grandkids to the Disney parks, and with my sister and our friends to exciting resorts in Mexico.


Brenda Delisa


I'm a Colorado native who joined UCEC in 2015. I owned my own business for 16 years in the construction/dust containment industry. I am grateful for the time I had to do that and I loved it.

I feel lucky to have landed here at UCEC where the owner genuinely cares about his employees and everyone makes me feel welcome. I’m new to this industry and there is much to learn. I look forward to the challenge.

I have three children who bring endless entertainment. My oldest daughter Dani, (who also works at Utility Control and Equipment) is married with two kids of her own. My middle daughter Carley is also married with kids. My 15 year-old son Jonah is a freshman in high school, and recently made the high school lacrosse team. Our family all lives close so we get to spend a good amount of time together supporting our kids and grandkids in sports and school functions.



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