We promise to provide you with the custom panels you want, in the timeframe you need, at the price we've given you — with no hidden charges.

Over 95% of our customers are repeat customers and we aim to keep it that way. We don't mark up delivery, storage or testing, and we do the work up front in the bidding process to ensure you'll receive the highest quality custom control panel available. Our skilled craftsmen are experts at redines. We pick up on potential design problems before the panel is created. We'll alert you of things like: missing circuits, wrong part numbers, layout, schematics and possible safety issues before we start the design. 

To ensure that doing business with UCEC is always straightforward and streamlined, we offer a One Quote Guarantee —

If we can bid off your Issued For Construction (IFC), only customer-initiated change orders may affect the price we quote you. There will be no price changes initiated by us — we guarantee it. 

To be or not
— Shaky